WATCH: Another escaped lion returned safely to Kruger

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A lioness spotted on the N4 near Marloth Park in Mpumalanga was spotted by a tour guide and safely returned to Kruger National Park.

Mario Paul, from Izwe African Safaris, captured a video of the female as she was walking next to the highway. He was alerted by fellow tour guide to her presence on the road.

According to Paul's video description, "she was quite frightened and scared, which is understandable as she doesn't know her surroundings and the big trucks were passing her at high speed." 

He contacted authorities from Marloth Park, Mpumalanga Parks Board and SANParks to help her back to a park. She was darted and transported safely to Kruger.

This is another case of a lion roaming free outside of park borders. The pride of lions spotted in Foschville, West Rand, still haven't been found since they were first spotted in September.