WATCH: Always say 'yes' to a Radisson RED party

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If you ever get an invite to a Radisson REDparty, just mark your RSVP yes.

The new hotel in Cape Town threw its first Big Gig on Thursday, and they really pushed the envelope for a multi-faceted party experience.

Welcomed with a treasure hunt to keep you occupied for most of the evening, we went trawling for a selfie with a superhero and men in kilts, get a (temporary) tattoo, find the password for the speakeasy, ask for an autograph from the musical talent spread across three stages and try out their local brew - the Bitch'n Blonde.

Not only were we spoiled with activities, the variety of food and beverages available kept the stomachs happy and the spirits high till the early hours of the morning.

Safe to say, the Radisson RED crew can throw a party that even Bonang will be jealous of.