WATCH: 6 Best and worst tourism videos around the world

2018-03-14 15:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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YouTube/Oregon Travel

The tourism advertising industry is a cutthroat business, and tourism boards are always looking for that special thing that will make them stand out in the crowd and entice potential travellers.

In the age of the Internet, going viral for an awesome advert is the best kind of marketing you can't buy - which why so much is spent on them - but it also has the potential of having the opposite effect.

A good video can make or break any tourism campaign - and these are some of the best and worst marketing campaigns that will make you want to pack your bags or opt for a staycation.

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Let us know which is your favourite!

The Best

Only Slightly Exaggerated

When visiting the US, the state of Oregon may not have been high on your list, but their latest anime-tastic video will have you booking your flights to the Beaver State asap.

Titled Only Slightly Exaggerated, the state's tourism board took inspiration from anime pioneer Studio Ghibli and created a fantasy world that highlights Oregon's real-life famous sights, cities and attractions. Massive bunnies you can ride, a bicycle-riding caterpillar and sky whales are 'slight exaggerations' to the state's beautiful lakes and forests, wine country and picturesque coastal towns.

I would totally ride that bunny though if I could.

Meet South Africa

Last year, South African Tourism released a short film that captures the story of an inspiring, colourful and warm country at its best.

The 10-minute inspirational short film – directed by South African filmmaker, Teboho Mahlatsi alongside up and coming photographer and Instagram sensation, Hloni Coleman - was shot across South Africa and tells the story of Bheki, a young Mbhaco maker from rural Eastern Cape, who travels the country in search of inspiration for his traditional Xhosa wedding gown, with a modern twist.

The video has a staggering 1.7 million views - a huge number for South African videos - and the comment section is filled with people who want to come to South Africa!

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Dundee the Fake Movie Trailer

Australia trolled the world with a fake movie trailer for a sequel to one of their biggest cultural exports - Crocodile Dundee. The ad first aired during the US Superbowl, and had everyone debating whether Danny McBride would make a good son for the iconic hunter, until it was revealed to be a tourism advert for the country Down Under.

They managed to get all of Australia's most famous celebrities to cameo in the trailer, anchored by Thor-dreamboat Chris Hemsworth alongside non-Australian McBride. 

Besides the actors, the 'trailer' is filled with scenic shots of the Australian outback, adorable and less-adorable animals (read terrifying) and traditional Australian culture like bar fights. On YouTube the trailer links out to short webisodes where McBride interviews famous Australians on why you should visit the country and tips for travellers.

We still kind of want the movie though.

The Worst

Air New Zealand's tone-deaf Antarctica safety video

Air New Zealand released its new non-Lord of the Rings safety video set in Antarctica, and New Zealanders are not impressed.

The video shows Entourage star Adrien Grenier visiting Antarctica with researchers, while kids learn about the icy tundra at a museum. It's supposed to highlight the airline's contributions to the conservation and exploration of Antarctica as well as market it as a tourist destination, but instead, it connects New Zealanders to the most traumatic incident in the country's aviation history.

In 1979 a sightseeing Air New Zealand flight flew over Antarctica, but it never made it back home. Flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus, killing all 237 passengers and 20 crew onboard, and is cited as the worst disaster in New Zealand's history.

It may look pretty, but in context, this video is just awful.

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Singapore Tourism Cringe

Although a few years old, Singapore's 2014 tourism advert will live on forever as one of the worst. The backlash was so bad that the country's tourism board pulled it from all of their online channels, but thanks to the Internet it lives on so that you relive the cringe.

A couple visits Singapore for their anniversary, but it's filled with so much cheese it may make your cholesterol rise. The constantly smiling couple overacts every second, and the amount of times the wife tells her husband to look you may think that he's blind. It ends off with a surprise at the end, but looks completely out of place in a tourism video.

If you can sit through this without squirming in your seat, then you have some real special superpowers.

Apparently holidays at home are great according to the UK

Instead of focusing on attracting international visitors, this 2012 UK advert rather focused on attracting their domestic tourists - by bashing other places.

The UK isn't exactly known for its great weather, and no amount of British celebrities is going to convince tourists otherwise. The ad tries to make it seem like passports and visas make travelling abroad stressful - despite the fact that a British passport is visa-free in most countries.

Other oddities include Michelle Dockery mocking the Mediterranean for not having rocks like Giant's Causeway and Ruper Grint makes an awkward Harry Potter joke before trying to make it seem like UK's coast has better surfing than Australia's famous Bondi beach.

I think not.

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