WATCH: SA ranger road trips across US pulling life-size rhino

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Cape Town - Two former safari guides, one South African and the other Namibian, have seen firsthand the shocking collapse of rhinoceros populations across southern Africa.  

In response, Matt Meyer and Chris Liebenberg have taken on an educational and fundraising project aimed at ending the extraordinary level of poaching – one rhino killed every 8 hours for its horns - that is pushing rhinos to the brink of extinction in the wild.  

Like many wildlife guides, Matt and Chris are realists, well aware of the challenges and risks involved in the struggle against wildlife poaching.  

But they also are idealists, determined to do something beyond bemoaning the tragedy; reflecting on Nelson Mandela’s approach to social change, they came upon the idea of a “Long Ride to Free Them.”  

Since early April, Matt has been towing a life-sized rhino on a trailer behind his bicycle, from just south of the Canadian border almost 2000 miles to San Diego.  T