Top Cities in Poland: Old market squares and preserved medieval history

2019-04-16 15:09
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Like any capital, Warsaw is a city with a turbulent history filled with architectural extravagance, war stories and scars left by the Soviet Union.

At its heart is the Market Square in Old Town, a symbol of resilience after it was restored after the WWII bombings. There are also palaces and museums to discover alongside sprawling parks and gardens.

Old Town in Warsaw, Poland

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Another historic city, Kraków has managed to preserve its medieval roots in the face of history when it was established in the 7th century. It also has the highest density of bars in the world!

This city is perfect for budget travellers looking for old Europe as it has managed to escape most of the bombing of Eastern European cities during WWII. The Cloth Hall is also a must-visit market filled with souvenirs to take back home.

Krakow at sunrise, Poland.

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This is Poland's third largest city right in the middle of the country, most well-known for its once-thriving textile industry. Currently it's in a process of rejuvenation, upgrading its crumbling architecture into business hubs and modern architectural marvels.

You can stroll down Piotrkowska street where you can discover top Polish restaurants or you can see the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe in Baluty district.

Poznanski Palace transformed to public museum in t

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This city is right on the banks of River Oder and was the European Capital of Culture in 2016 with a high quality of life and relaxed atmosphere.

The main tourist attractions can be found in Stare Miasto, Sródmiescie and Krzyki, and includes bustling a Market Square, a Baroque palace built in the 18th century, Cathedral Island and Poland's tallest skyscraper - Sky Tower.

Wroclaw, Poland - August 21, 2017: Pedestrians wal

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This is the best city to visit if you're looking for the quintessential Christmas market in Long Market. It's a port city on the Baltic coast and is also the main headquarters for the world's amber trade.

Gdansk is made for walking and cycling, and has a few beaches for the summer months. It's also a historical hub, its most famous landmark a medieval port crane that now houses exhibitions from the National Maritime Museum.

Top view on Gdansk old town and Motlawa river, Pol

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