Quick Guide to Poland: From pretty city squares to skiing and snacking on traditional pierogies in budget-friendly Eastern Europe

2019-04-16 15:08
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Top view of Royal castle and old town crowded with

Top view of Royal castle and old town crowded with people in Warsaw on the evening. (PHOTO: iStock)

Known for its pretty squares and cities, tumultuous history, wildlife and being big fans of vodka and beer, it's time to decide on Poland for your next trip.

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Not only is Poland rated as one of the world's safest countries, it is also one of Eastern Europe's most budget-friendly and untapped travel markets.

So, it's time to make a plan! 

Guide essentials + things you should know:

Visa: Schengen visa required for South African passport holders. Must apply in person. 

Currency: Polish zloty 

Airport Hub: Warsaw Chopin Airport

Peak Season: Find the best weather during June and August.

Language: Polish

Time Zone: (GMT+2)

Top view of Royal castle and old town crowded with

(The Royal Castle in Warsaw. PHOTO: iStock)

Top Cities

  • Warsaw
  • Kraków
  • Lódz
  • Wroclaw
  • Gdansk

Top Attractions

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Auschwitz
  • Royal Castle
  • Kraków Old Town
  • Bialowieza Forest
  • Tatra National Park    

What to do:

  • Travel back in time to Medieval Kraków
  • Sail the lakes of Masuria
  • Try to spot the only remaining European bison in Bialowieza Forest
  • Take a ski trip to Zakopane

What to eat:

  • Pierogi ruskie
  • Zurek
  • Paczki
  • Bigos
  • Golabki

Destination drawcard

Warsaw, Poland - April 3, 2016: Rows of restaurant
(Town square. PHOTOS: iStock)

Cultural highlights

  • Folk costumes
  • Catholic holidays
  • Dyngus Day
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