The beautiful places to make your heart stop in New Zealand

2019-02-27 16:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Looking for an extra extreme holiday? If your heart is looking for that next big kick of adrenaline while treating your eyes to magnificent sights, New Zealand is a must-do destination for your bucket list.

Skydiving, bungee jumps, water activities and even doing hikes only reachable by helicopter - the Kiwis are clearly a nation that loves to thrill.

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Get your heart pumping with this list of must-do extreme activities that might make you write your will before you depart.

Queenstown: The world's first commercial bungee jump

In New Zealand it's called 'bungy', and this is where the first one took off at Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown.

It's 43 metres and you have the option of touching the water, and you can also try out the nearby Nevis Bungy - a staggering 134 metres - or the Ledge Bungy where you can do a freestyle jump before your nosedive.

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Ninety Mile Beach: Sand dune boarding the Te Paki Dunes

Try not to eat sand at the Te Paki Dunes with modified body boards that have been smoothed for ultimate speed.

The dunes rise almost 140 metres above the sea and after a day of trekking up and down you can cool down in the cool Kiwi ocean.

Fox Glacier: Exploring ice caves on a heli-hike

They don't just do normal hiking in New Zealand - a heli-hike is where you a helicopter flies you into the start of your trail, letting you access places you can't get to on foot.

One of the most popular spots is Fox Glacier, where the elements have formed beautiful ice caves and arches ready for exploration.

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Wanaka: Skydiving drama

See the island country from a massive height at one of their various skydiving spots - and you don't need previous experience for a quick jump in the sky.

In Wanaka, you'll fly over six lakes, the Southern Alps, Mount Cook and the southern island's longest river - the Clutha.

Lake Taupo: Fly past waterfalls with a jetboat

Take your next boat trip up a level with a jetboat - a fast-flying boat propelled by a jet of water that was originally created in New Zealand to navigate the fast-flowing and shallow rivers of the island-country.

On Lake Taupo you can take one to the base of Huakfalls for a thrilling, though wet, ride.

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Waitomo Caves: Float through the most impressive cave systems in the world

Want to see something out of this world? The Waitomo Caves are filled with glowworms, creating a beautiful light display underground.

You can explore these caves with various tour groups where you float or swim your way through the system.

Abel Tasman National Park: Kayak past nature's sculptures

It might be a small park, but its golden coastline and turquoise waters make for stunning kayak adventures.

You can combine it with a hiking trip or even do overnight trips for a truly wild memory.

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Rotorua: Rafting down dizzying heights

On this lake you can raft the world's highest commercially-run waterfall for an insane ride on the Kaituna River.

Fair warning though - you should not be afraid to fall out of the boat.

Poor Knights Islands: Explore underwater at top diving sites

About 23km off the Tutukaka Coast lies one of the top diving sites in the world - its walls, caves, tunnels and drop-offs were formed by volcanic activity 11 million years ago. 

Besides its abundant sea life, it also has the largest underwater sea cave in one of the country's most important marine reserves.

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