WATCH: You know it's bad for humans when the robots that replaced them at this Japanese hotel get fired

2019-01-18 21:00 - Ethan Van Diemen
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is imminent and humans had better prepare for a future where the jobs of old, jobs that kept them proud and their families fed are increasingly done by inorganic, unemotional robots that can work harder than you and don't mind Monday morning meetings.

Have a job in the service industry? Gone. Flip burgers? Gone. Drive a bus, taxi cab or, heck, even fly a plane? Gone. Robots, algorithms, software and all the various permutations of automation in general are upon us and what were once 'safe' careers are on their way out.

This reality needn't necessarily be a scary or sad thing however. Look to the Henn Na Hotel in Japan, a hotel almost entirely staffed by robots. I mean, who wouldn't want to be checked into their hotel by a friendly robot dinosaur or have their luggage taken to their rooms by a porter robot that won't give you the side-eye if you don't tip. 

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There are various other areas wherein automation and robotics does and will continue to improve the lives of the flesh and bone, carbon-based lifeforms for years to come. And to make you feel better, humans will still be needed for a while. At least while the kinks are ironed out of this budding automated, human labour-free revolution. Even robots get retrenched as is the case recently with the Henn Na Hotel.

According to The Verge, half of the 243 robots employed by the hotel have been laid off (or powered down, whatever the nomenclature is) after they created more problems than they could solve. The check-in dinosaurs mentioned above were laid off because the lack of nimble appendages rendered their check-in ability moot as humans would have to do their jobs and photocopy guests' passports manually. 

The hotel's main concierge robot also was none too helpful, unable to answer basic questions about nearby tourist attractions and flight schedules leading to its flesh and blood replacement.  

So if the thought of a Terminator-type scenario or future where jobs for humans are impossible to find, fret not because as long as you have fingers that can work a photocopying machine and the ability to carry luggage without running into a wall - you're good. 

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