WATCH: Expensive or cheap sushi? A Tokyo district hangs onto its last 'authentic' sushi stop

2019-01-10 16:30
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What may have once been a hard sell to the uninitiated is now a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions globally as a statement of cultural refinement and worldliness - eating uncooked fish. Sushi. Against all odds, sushi has saturated the world's consumption and popular culture in a way that is frankly, quite remarkable. 

This has not, however, always been to the benefit of all. In a time when sushi has been elevated to new heights with certain sushi dishes costing thousands of Rands and others being so cost-effective due to the conveyor belt efficiency of chain restaurants, mom-and-pop shops like the one in the above video are increasingly being squeezed out.   

Where there were once thousands of these small shops in Japan, particularly the capital city, these local hotspots face an uncertain future. Much more than just places to eat, these shops are hubs in the community and their potential impending extinction will almost certainly have a knock-on effect on the community. 

So on your next trip to Japan, think twice about where you get your tuna nigiri.   

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