Japan on a micro-budget? This hotel room only costs R15 a night if you agree to livestream your stay

2019-11-21 14:50 - Marisa Crous
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(PHOTO: Youtube)

This might be a way to do Japan on the cheap - but it might also leave you feeling just as cheap.

Located in the city of Chikuma you'll find a very strange 'concept' hotel called Asahi Ryokan. It's only $1 (R15) a night to stay here, but the catch is that you have to livestream your stay. Luckily, the guests are 'allowed' to switch off the lights at night and the bathroom area is a camera-free zone. 

So, in fact, you won't be live streaming yourself via your phone or laptop as the hotel room is under 24h surveillance. Big Brother, Japan-style. 

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The hotel is very basic, but looks clean and comfortable. 

CNN reports that there are signs up in the rooms that detail what you can and cannot do during your livestreamed stay. No showing of private information, for example the hotel urges guests to pack passports, credit cards and other personal information away from sight. Also, no showing of privates. No hanky panky, so to speak. 

Though the hotel definitely work at a loss with such low hotel room costs, the YouTube channel streaming this unusual content is sure to bring in a few bucks. 

The channel, called One Dollar Hotel already has 4.7K subscribers and videos are getting a solid amount of views.

That is, even though most of the videos look more like hostage videos than anything else. 

Take a look at what a stay at this hotel entails: 

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