Japan is offering up to 100 000 free domestic seats during the 2020 Olympics

2019-12-30 08:45 - Marisa Crous
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Lake Okutama

Applications open late February 2020 - so you better tattoo a notification somewhere!

Lets face it, Japan is happening! And next year, with the Olympics, it will be even more happening! Top of the charts, best in show, you name it, Japan will be there sitting pretty high and mighty above all other destinations smiling and waving. 

If you're one of the lucky few who get to attend the glorious Olympic Games, then you better take note of this offer by Japan Airlines (JAL) - as they have a very attractive proposition for you.

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Apply to travel with this carrier to a select few domestic destinations within Japan between June 1, 2020 (Mon) and October 31 (Sat), and you could be flying for free! 

JAL has vowed to offer passengers up to 100 000 free seats on JAL domestic routes.

JAL says that "This campaign provides 'round-trip air tickets', so the number of available passengers is 'maximum 50,000'.There are a limited number of available seats, so in some cases no destinations will be shown." 

To put things in perspective, a one-hour, single ticket from Tokyo to Osaka could set you back as much as 20 000 ¥ (R2 500). So getting it for free is huge. You simply can't go all the way to Japan and not explore it's many, many beautiful cities. So, this offer is certainly a way to make that Japan budget work!

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