From zipping cross country on a bullet train to blushing cherry blossom wonderment: 5 things to do in Japan

2019-01-10 15:54
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There is no end to the list of what to do, see and experience in Japan.

It caters to everyone and all interests: from nature lovers and adrenaline-junkies, to foodies, sports and anime fans and tech lovers.  

Difficult to narrow-down, but nonetheless, here are 5 must-do things when visiting this multi-faceted, and magical place. 

Check out the cherry blossoms 

In Japan, the cherry blossoms bloom in spring. The blushing pink yoshino cherry trees – Japan’s most common type - is one of its major attractions as tourists flock to Japan to stand in awe of these natural beauties.

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Explore Tokyo, Mario Kart style 

Whip out your Mario cosplay and take to the streets in a themed go-kart from MariCar and discover Tokyo in a virtual and niche way. Once you've dressed up as your favourite Mario or gaming character and have received the safety briefing from an equally kitted-out instructor, you get to hit the streets of Tokyo in true gamer style - in Mario-themed supercharged go-karts.

You get to choose from a range of various tracks of different lengths to explore the city while weaving your way through trucks, buses, regular cars and unsuspecting passersby on the road and sidewalk.

Enjoy an authentic Japanese onsen experience 

In Japan, there are some 27 000 bubbling hot springs or onsen that travellers looking to enjoy some health and wellness activity on their travels simply must partake in. Onsen is different from your run-of-the-mill hot springs because there are a few requirements that have to be met in order for the hot spring bath to be considered onsen. Mainly, they have to contain a mineral such as iron, sulphur, bicarbonate and so on. Each is said to have a different therapeutic effect and can usually be identified as the dominant mineral by the colour of the water.

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Zip across the country on a bullet train (shinkansen)

Perhaps one of the greatest reflections of Japan's ultra-modern, high-tech and fast-paced society is the bullet train or shinkansen. These trains are understandably a tourist attraction in their own right travelling at maximum speeds of up to 320kmh linking all the major urban centres of Japan quickly and in comfort.

Check out some sumo wrestling 

Take some of the brutality of combat and mix in the careful coordination of Japanese ritual and you have yourself a sport unlike any other on the planet. Sumo wrestling is regarded as a national sport of Japan and has been beloved by lots of Japanese people for a long time. Why not watch the powerful and soulful training of Rikishis just in front of your eyes?

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