Getting around Cairo: From taking a Nile taxi to walking the busy street markets

2019-03-29 11:49 - Marisa Crous
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Known for its cultural and historical attractions, Cairo can also be a busy, hot mess at times. And getting around this bustling ancient metropolis, with its vast network of roads, can be tricky. 

Here's a few transport options for you:  

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It is the first of only two full-fledged metro systems in Africa. Getting around Cairo using the underground is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to go. It can be overcrowded during peak hours, yet it is relatively reliable and connected. 

Around 3.5 million Cairenes use the metro to escape the heavy traffic. And it's an easy way to navigate your way through the city's narrow roads. It's also a great way to avoid having to negotiate taxi fares with unmetered taxis. 


Walking the city can lead to many discoveries and interactions with locals otherwise not experienced when travelling by train or bus. You might be approached by locals to purchase items or to enter their shop or restaurant, but just be firm if you're not interested and keep walking to avoid awkwardness.  

Don't walk everywhere, as Cairo is big. Many travellers recommend walking in downtown Cairo to experience both the markets, and especially the old and new parts of the city all at once. 

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Have a look at these walking tour suggestions.


There is a vast network of buses and mini-buses that operate all over Cairo. Culture Trip advises you go directly to Ramsis Square or Abd El Moneim Riyad Square, ask for the destination you want to go to officials will be happy to help you find your way. 


Don't want to go through the hassle of public transport? Get Careem, which basically works exactly like Uber. (Uber is also available in Cairo). 

You can also get an unmetered taxi, however negotiating fares, as said, can be frustrating at times. 

Nile bus/taxi

Cairo offers both a Nile bus and a Nile taxi. It's a great option to avoid traffic jams. The bus or taxi can cut your journey in half - that is if your destination is by the riverside. Plus you get to see the city from a completely different point of view. 

And get the Nile Taxi App to pre-book your ride.

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