LOL! British Airways Facebook stalks Virgin Atlantic with hilarious repost reactions

2016-10-25 10:20 - Carina Greeff
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Cape Town - Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition! We aren't sure whether British Airways had butter fingers or actually meant to share their competitor's ad, but well done on creating an online stir is all we can say.

Some loyal customers might have been confused when British Airways shared a Facebook post from one of their major competitors last week.

The UK's largest airline shared a post from Virgin Atlantic on Thursday. The post read: "There's never been a better time to visit London. Book today with Virgin Atlantic." WOOPS!

On Friday BA 'corrected' their 'intended' post with the following: "Finally we agree on something except for how to get there." BA clearly showing their sense of humour and turning their mistake into a daring publicity stunt.

The Facebook post below is still on BA's Facebook page and the reactions juct crack us up:

But how did the customers receive this little stunt? Mostly good, it seems!

Loyal customers are backing the airline giant saying its brilliant PR. Instead of just removing the post, BA braved the online storm and ended up receiving publicity for another airline's ad. 

Some are not so impressed and one Facebook user compares the blunder to someone secretly stalking their ex boyfriend or girlfriend's Facebook page and accidentally clicking "like". LOL!

Nevertheless, kudos to British Airways!

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