Is it even possible to open a plane's exit door mid-flight? This guy tried

2019-01-10 14:00 - Marisa Crous
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Closeup shot of emergency exit door in airplane

(PHOTO: iStock)

Every year we read reports on passengers behaving badly in the skies: getting drunk and disorderly, racial slurs flying about and other unlawful conduct directed at co-passengers and air hostesses. 

An Instagram account was even born, dedicated to slamming and shaming bad passenger behaviour. Some are so revolting that it'll make you want to opt for splurging your month's rent on flying Business instead. Believe us. 

Others are cuter, like this kid stealing food from his co-passenger's tray...

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But attempting to open exit doors mid-flight? No cool, guys. 

CR Traveller reported on a recent incident which occurred on a Air Canada flight from Jamaica. The plane had to make an emergency stop as a drunk passenger tried to toss a pot of coffee at an air hostess and then lunged at the exit door mid-flight. 

He was restrained by fellow passengers and the airline staff. 

Had he been successful at pulling that handle, would the door actually open up? Perhaps sucking any and every person from the interior of the plane? 

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Apparently, it's completely impossible. Phew. 

An aero consulting expert told CR Traveller that it's not just a case of opening a door like one would with a normal door on the ground. Cabins are pressurised so that we as passengers are able to breathe normally on board. So there is a massive difference between the air inside and outside, which means air is pressing against the plane while flying, and subsequently against the exit door. 

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Apparently in lower altitudes it's slightly more probable to open the exit door, but not really possible as it would still take an army (consisting only of The Rock-type soldiers), to crack it. Or maybe this guy could...

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