Germophobe? Apparently, this is the world's cleanest airline

2019-03-19 06:30
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Co-passengers sneezing, shared toilets and air con blasting all flight long. We have all resorted ourselves to the fact that this is just how flying goes. Especially long-hauls.

If you break it down, this is probably the only time you voluntarily pay (lots of money) to be stuck in a tiny space with people you don't know. 

According to Travel & Leisure, about 20% of passengers on commercial flights develop respiratory infections a week after flying. Eeeek! All those lovely germs all in one place.

So as gross as that sounds, luckily, germophobes do not fear - there are some cleaner alternatives.

The Oscars of aviation, the Skyrax World Airline Awards recently named the world's most squeaky clean airlines in its World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness 2018 category.

(Wonder if Marie Kondo had any say).

The task of choosing this award was up to the passengers who rated the standards and quality of cleanliness inside various airline cabins.

Looking at all areas of the cabin, the passengers rated each according to its cleanliness and presentation, that is of seat areas, tables, carpets, cabin panels and washrooms.

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The winner?

ANA All Nippon Airways, a Japanese carrier. Based on fleet-size, this is Japan's largest carrier.

(Maybe Marie Kondo did have a say!)

Here is the rest of the top 10 list: 


Asiana Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Japan Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airways

Qatar Airways

Swiss International Airlines

Hainan Airlines


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