Taking to the skies: Travellers share their first flight experiences

2017-09-29 18:00 - Kavitha Pillay
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Cape Town - Flying is sometimes a harrowing experience for travellers – so, for most travellers, one’s emotional state during a first flight is usually a combination of fear and excitement of the unknown.

And it seems that as you get older, the more paranoid you get about taking your first flight!

In celebration of 55 years in servicing its South African flight route, Lufthansa hosted a twitter chat via Traveller24 - which gave travellers a chance to win two economy class tickets – (The winner will be announced on 16 October and in the Traveller24 newsletter. Entrants had to participate in the chat and sign up to the newsletter - see the details here). And eager travellers wanting to head to Europe turned out in their droves - with the #Lufthansa55_ZA hashtag trending in the top five across South Africa on Friday 29 September. 

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We asked travellers to share their first flight experiences, and naturally, travellers felt nervous, fearful or recall bursting with pure excitement.

However there were also a few people who seemed really chilled about flying, describing it as “cool”, while others described it as a “liberating” experience.

Some travellers were blessed with window seats and perfect weather which gave them spectacular views and set a positive tone for many more happy flights, while others were stuck next to strangers who didn’t make flying very pleasant.

One traveller’s first flight was with a nephew who got nauseous, while another said she had the flu but forget all about it once she boarded her first flight. Then there was a traveller who shared that she “passed out when the plane took off”, saying it must have been due to the altitude – yikes!

Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say about their first flight:

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