So you've seen Bangkok and Table Mountain, hidden and underrated attractions that need to be experienced

2019-08-16 19:00 - Thutolore Tsatsane
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Every country has its most iconic landmark and tourist attraction but there is always that hidden gem among the most popular destinations. If you want to avoid the common places but most importantly overcrowding and long queues, we have some suggestions for you. 

It's time to explore the underrated but highly reviewed attractions around the world - based on TravelSupermarket’s curated list. 

Using TripAdvisor's data for each cities' hidden gem, it highlights the top rated attraction with the least reviews forming the basis for the ‘hidden gem’ in that city.

For instance you can still go to New York for your 21st birthday, just ditch the Statue of Liberty for Hamilton Park - which received 113 reviews, compared to 837 reviews for Lady Liberty.

Manhattan skyline at night and Statue of Liberty.

                                                                                    (Photo: iStock)

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With over 15k reviews, its clear everybody loves Table Mountain. Yet South Africa with its nine provinces has more hidden gems than we can count.

For instance add Victoria Bay on the Garden Route to your radar. 

Just when you think you have seen everything on the Garden Route, you'll discover this beautiful cove. This small beach has just 243 reviews on TripAdvisor.

Another spot to consider is Sammy Marks house in Gauteng, it only has 167 reviews. It is one of the tourist attractions in South Africa that showcases some of the country's olde world charm. The estate became a museum in 1986 and the opulent life of the Marks family is remembered today in this carefully preserved house museum.  

Just 20 minutes away from Durban's Gateway Shopping Center in KwaZulu-Natal lies the magnificent Mzinyathi Falls - without a single review, which is a pity.  But being hidden makes it the perfect spot to enjoy nature and the tranquil sounds of the Mzinyathi River cascading over sandstone, down 100m into the Mzinyathi gorge. 

Avid rock climbers and hikers will enjoy this space, with guided hiking tours easily arranged through Durban Green Corridor.

Apart from our own best kept secrets here are five of the world’s most popular cities and their hidden gems as per TravelSupermarket’s full interactive graphic - view it here

1. Prague, Czech Republic: National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan

Aerial View of the Federal Territory Mosque Masjid

                                                                                    (Photo: iStock)

3. New York City, USA: Hamilton Park 

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: King Faisal Mosque

5. Turkey, Istanbul: Serefiye Sarnici

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Cherry tree blossom explosion in Hurd Park, Dover,

(Photo: iStock)

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