MAPPED: High and low seasons around the world

2017-10-06 14:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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However, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure,  travelling around the world is typically divided into three seasons and these seasons are known as low season (also known as off-season), shoulder season and high season (also known as peak season). 

Low season is usually defined as November through March, shoulder season is April through mid-June and September though October and high season is mid-June through August.

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Every single destination around the world is at its best in a particular season and each has its advantages and disadvantages, and whichever you choose may have a large impact on your trip.

This is why planning a trip according to seasons becomes very necessary and as a traveller, you also need to know why a particular season is considered the best time to visit that destination. 

As a result, travel booking site, have put together a handy guide to the high and low seasons in countries around the world, so you can time your holiday to perfection.