West Coast Way: New endurance hike takes on 16 Mile Beach

2019-05-10 10:15 - Gabi Zietsman
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Just when you thought you've done everything you could on the West Coast, a new experience pops up that will let you get to know the coastline just a little better.

West Coast Way has launched a new one-day endurance hike that can turn into a three-day immersive experience that starts in West Coast National Park and ends in the town of Yzerfontein.

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The guided 16 Mile Beach Challenge is quite unique for the area and will dive into its fauna and flora, culture and cuisine, while walking off all on an uninterrupted beach that stretches forever.

Meeting up in Yzerfontein where you will leave your cars, you will be transported to the park where you'll be debriefed, wine and dine and stay over before the big hike the next day. 

You also have the option of making the whole experience three days with a stay in Yzerfontein after the hike. 

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Couple holding hands on the beach

The initiative was started by Karen Schräder who is extremely passionate about Yzerfontein.

“This new hiking challenge is a well-organised and unique experience for small adventurous groups,” says Schräder. “And it is not just about endurance. The experience also includes a wine tasting and the experience to savour local West Coast cuisine.

“The 16 Mile Beach Challenge incorporates parts of the West Coast National Park, which hosts some of the oldest archaeological sites in our country and is internationally known for its extensive bird and plant species. Participants will experience and discover this area in a unique way - through the eyes of Honorary Field Rangers who have been working for many many years in the park on a volunteer basis and know the area like the back of their hand.”

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Check out the itinerary below to see if this might be your next big hiking trip.

Itinerary for the 16 Mile Beach Challenge

Day 1

13:30 Meet at Yzerfontein Sports Club.

14:00 Depart from parking area opposite Lullas restaurant.

*Hikers leave their cars here for the night. Security will patrol throughout the night to ensure vehicle safety.

14:30 Welcome and check in at Die Stalle in the West Coast National Park.

15:00 Informative session about the region and West Coast National Park.

16:00 Prepare for the Beach Hike Challenge.

17:30 Wine tasting.

19:30 West Coast dinner.

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wine tasting setup

Day 2

05:00 Depart to Tsaars Bank in The West Coast National Park.

*Driver will return with overnight luggage to Yzerfontein.

05:30 Start the hike (depending on weather conditions).

*Hikers will stop every hour for a 10-minute snack & drinks break/guide sharing info of the area etc.

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Hikers sitting on the beach resting

14:00 Latest arrival time at Yzerfontein Sports Club.

*The hike is expected to take between five and eight hours depending on the fitness of the group (focus will be on each hiker finishing the trail, not the speed of the hike).

*Collect luggage here.

*Photos and farewell for hikers who have opted for the one night/one day challenge.

15:00 Hikers staying for a second night depart to accommodation in Yzerfontein.

17:00 Reflecting on the walk - personal experiences, take-away messages.

18:30 West Coast dinner experience.

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Hikers walking on the beach at sunrise

Day 3

08:00 - 10:00 Breakfast and farewell.

*Participants who complete the hike will receive a certificate to commemorate their achievement.

To book: For more information on the 16 Mile Beach Challenge visit www.kettietravel.co.za or email bookings@kettietravel.co.za.