The world's most crowded tourist destination is now seeing a decline in tourism

2019-09-19 08:45 - Marisa Crous
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A whopping 7 million foreign visitors a year, 2 million of which visit annually from China, Thailand is a thriving tourism hub, offering travellers paradise in a coconut. 

Bangkok receive more visitors a year than any other city around the world.

Travel insurance company, Columbus Direct recently analysed the number of international visitors who flock to some of the world’s most popular places to reveal the number of tourists you’re likely to encounter on your next holiday.

Phuket, Thailand is the destination with the highest number of tourists per square meter with over 9 million visitors travelling here each year, and it plays host to over 25 452 tourists on its streets and beaches each day. A day?!

With just over 380 000 people living there permanently throughout the year, it’s clear that tourists keep the holiday destination alive. 

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The second most crowded place in the world is Palma de Mallorca in Spain, followed by Pattaya, also in Thailand, fourth is Paris in France and then Barcelona, Spain.

But the world's most crowded destination might be having some trouble in paradise, with the Financial Times reporting a decline in tourism over the last year. Tourism accounts for 10% of the Thai economic output, and although numbers tend to decline over May to October during rainy season - last October saw a 20% drop in arrivals.

Most blame last year's the capsizing incident - the Phoenix, a boat which encountered a storm just off Phuket in July 2018, left 101 people dead - 47 of which were Chinese tourists. This has knocked Thai tourism firmly on its head, says the Bangkok Post. Thai Airways International and budget airlines, Nok Air and Thai AirAsia also reported some losses in the last year. 

On the upside for those tourists who do decide to visit, the slowdown could lead to even cheaper prices and deals on offer to attract business. 

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