Bullet trains are coming to Thailand by 2023

2019-11-19 14:45 - Marisa Crous
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No more delays! High-speed rail (HSR) is coming to Thailand. 

Synonymous with Japan, high-speed trains have always been been the envy of all other countries' transport systems. Now, CNN reports that it's becoming a reality in Thailand, a developing nation known for its natural beauty and jam-packed tourist spots.

With one project currently under construction, another approved and others in the pipeline, we could be seeing the face of Thai transport drastically change by 2023. 

Employing Chinese HSR technology to head up these projects, all new line developments and upgrades will form part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) - which will in fact connect China to the rest of Asia through an interconnected transport infrastructure.

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Who wouldn't want to enjoy a 155 mph commute? Think less congested highways, ease of travel between destination and airport and fewer accidents. Thailand currently has one of the world's highest road fatality rates and are notorious for their congested roads. This could mean much needed relief.

A usual commute to Bangkok's two airports might in future be reduced to just 20 minutes. Currently it's a gruelling and humid journey that sees you moving between Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang at a snails pace via taxi or train. 

In future, going from Suvarnabhumi to a top attraction like Pattaya could easy take 40 minute by bullet train ride, instead of 2-3 hours as it stands today. 

With a solid upgrade in transport infrastructure like this, Thailand could be seeing itself positioned as a central hub in a Southeast Asia, connected by bullet trains. 

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