WATCH: Spilling the tea on Sri Lanka

2018-09-20 19:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Explore Sri Lanka's Hill Country tea plantation region. (Photo: iStock)

Calling all tea lovers - this Sri Lanka location has something special brewing just for you and who knows it might just be your cuppa tea. 

Travel to Bandarawela, in Sri Lanka's Hill Country, with World Nomads' Lindsay Anderson as she discovers the plantations of one of Sri Lanka's most iconic exports - tea.

Wind your way through the thick of the tea leaf shrub as you are taken on an experience through the production of tea - from the plantations to your crockery. 

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The people working the field are not young men but elder women who have the skill and knack to picking the tea leaves and bagging them - all the while with a good natured attitude. 

The locals are quite hospitable and will welcome you with open arms, smiles and, well kitchens - in this part of Sri Lanka you're likely to find Tamil people and authentic Tamil food. 

A classic Tamil lunch would be all vegetarian, grainy food like rice and lentils.

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One of the most striking things you'll discover about Hill Country is the vast levels of diversity - particularly regarding religion. You could drive for 10 minutes and in that time you could spot a bright Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a Christian church and a Mosque.

In one village you might wake up to the sound of the call to prayer from the Mosque and see people making offerings at a tiny Hindu shrine elsewhere on the road.

Everyone respects each others' beliefs and also blend them somehow - as you might even spot a Hindu god statue behind a curtain in a Buddhist shrine. It goes to show the tolerance and acceptability of the locals in the region. 

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