#EcoTravels: More eco-cabins for Kogelberg to expand award-winning green accommodation

2018-07-19 15:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Design plans of an eco-cabin

Kogelberg Nature Reserve in the Western Cape is expanding their environmentally-friendly accommodation with eight new eco-cabins.

With the use of green building technology, three new six-sleeper and five new two-sleeper units have started construction to add to the already existing five four-sleep units - which CapeNature has won awards for its sustainability. The first five Oudebosch eco-cabins was named after the reserve's iconic flowers - Erica, Marsh Rose, Fire Lily, Iris and Everlasting Daisy.

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The new cabins will also have large windows so that you can take in the beauty of its Cape Floral Kingdom, alongside water-saving features aimed to save water in a parched province. Another eco-pool will also be built next to the new units.

Each unit will come with composting toilets, which not only reduces water usage but by not requiring a sewage connection it limits the impact on the natural surroundings. Other water-friendly features include low-flow showerheads, atmospheric water generators, greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting.

The new cabins, so far unnamed, will likely be completed over the next 12 months, although you can try to get a booking at the famous flower cabins for now.

“The names of the new units have not been decided yet. We are open to suggestions from the public, as we’d like to have them feel part of the process. Ultimately, it is our nature and heritage collectively as citizens of the Western Cape,” says Sheraaz Ismail, marketing and eco-tourism director at CapeNature.

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See the design of the new cabins below:

Design plans of an eco-cabin

Six-sleeper three-bedroom unit. (Photo: CapeNature)

Design plans of an eco-cabin

Interior of the three-bedroom unit. (Photo: CapeNature)

Design plans of an eco-cabin

Two-sleeper one-bedroom unit. (Photo: CapeNature)

But what is there to do in Kogelberg?

Because the reserve is home to a section of the Cape Floral Kingdom, it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a biodiversity hotspot.

(Please note though that all activities require a permit that can be bought at the main office.)

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The best way to explore its mountains is by one of its hiking trails, scattered throughout the reserve. The most popular ones include the Oudebsoch-Harold Porter hike - taking you to the local botanical garden - and the intimidating 24km Kogelberg trail for experienced hikers.

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If the rains are good, you can also go whitewater kayaking or tubing down the Palmiet River, which is also perfect for summer swims to escape from the heat.

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The reserve is not only home to flowers -  you can spot its indigenous tortoises or try to find the wild horses on the Rooisand Ramble route.

Mountain bikers are also welcome, with a 22km jeep track that runs through the Kogelberg Valley.

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Book flights to Cape Town to visit this stunning reserve here.