Namibia vs South Africa: Twitter 'war' brings all the shade

2020-02-24 14:45
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We love our neighbours, but a friendly rivalry broke out between the tweeple of South African and Namibia, starting the hashtag #TwarNAMvsRSA.

Our desert neighbour from the north started stoking some fires regarding our electricity issues, the country's name and proficiency in the English language.

Fair on a few counts. 

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But Saffas wasn't just gonna let them leave it at that - soon tunes about the desert, internet connectivity and certain rugby scores were pulled out in response. 

Some said they don't even know anything about Namibia, even though Namibians seemed to know a lot about South Africa.

Just in case you were one of those wondering, Namibia has a rich natural biodiversity made up mostly by a desert landscape. Home to as many groups of people as South Africa, the country gained independence from MZansi in 1990 and today still retains close economic ties with each other.

With generally playful banter all around, I'm sure we'll still come out of this as friends - right?

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Here's a roundup of our favourite tweets:

The tweet that might have started it all.

Obviously, South Africans were having none of it.

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Some tried to keep the peace however.

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