SEE: Snowfall in summer! Lesotho ski resort drizzled with ice flakes

2019-11-15 10:33
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Road closures, happy snow bunnies and icy cold temps, this has been Afriski Mountain Resort's year in a nutshell.

We saw this icy adrenaline-junkie playground turn into a winter wonderland in July. Blanketed in snow. In August, it forgot all about winter as temperatures grew and the ice slowly started to melt.

Then early spring hit and BOOM! Snowy peaks once more.

Now, in the midst of the KZN storms, tornadoes and chaotic weather, Lesotho is seeing late spring, early summer snowfall!

PICS: Lesotho turns into a winter wonderland after heavy snowfall 

heading that way? This is the current road status: 

This morning Afriski posted this on its website, saying "The roads are currently open to all class vehicles. However, drivers are advised to proceed with caution during poor weather. Keep checking back for further updates or visit our social media platforms for regular road status updates." 

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