Johannesburg is set to get SA's first mall-based Aquarium

2018-09-18 10:30 - Saara Mowlana
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Jozi is set to house SA's first mall-based Aquarium! (Photo: iStock)

You've read that right... Something fishy is coming to South Africa that will revolutionise your shopping experience soon. 

Have you ever gone shopping only to feel a sudden urge to be closer to nature as your wallet starts to lighten and your heart grows heavy with each transaction? Well, look no further than Johannesburg where they're bringing the ocean to this landlocked business hub. 

Cresta Shopping Centre in Jozi will be unleashing their new fishy addition in early 2019 by promising to deliver SA's first and only mall-based Aquarium experience! It promises to provide endless entertainment for the entire family and a good distraction from the prying nearby sale signs glossing store windows. 

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Virginia Bester, the General Manager at Cresta Shopping Centre said that the Centre's team pride themselves in bringing innovative and all-encompassing shopping experiences to their shoppers and tenants.

"The 'Life under the Sea' Aquarium launching in early 2019 gives us the opportunity to provide more entertainment and now edutainment, under one roof, and give shoppers a reason to Imagine More at Cresta Shopping Centre," Bester added. 

The Aquarium is undergoing a sophisticated design and detailed planning process before being set up in the mall and is said to be the feature marking a successful two-year expansion and modernisation project of the mall.

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Following its thorough planning, construction is expected to kick off its first stages this month in the centre of the mall's Food and Entertainment Court.

Cresta has partnered with some of the best in the Aquarium construction business and have expert Marine Consultants on hand to ensure that the project and its construction runs smoothly and is a success for both the safety of the ocean life and the shoppers.

The Aquarium is said to introduce over 30 species, allowing shoppers to have another opportunity to Imagine More and enjoy the tranquility of life under the sea while in the 'dry' centre of Gauteng.

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