Bar hopping through Jozi in style

2018-04-13 10:33 - Gabi Zietsman
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Tour through the City of Gold with a drink in hand at bars that will leave you stunned - with beautiful views and a mission to change the scene.

It's got the bars with weird gimmicks, the ones for those with a refined taste, where you can dance your worries away or woo a potential lover - and sometimes a wildcard that will keep your social life interesting.

Remember though - drink responsibly and no driving - make taxis and lift-sharing apps your best friend.

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Here are the spots that will fill your long weekend with exciting adventures through the streets of Johannesburg.

The weird:

The new kid on the block, Mootee Bar challenges its patrons with what they think Africa is through creativity and their roots. Cocktails are concocted from traditional healing herbs grown from local soil and combined with cutting-edge mixology technology to give you an otherworldly experience.

The exclusive:

If you’re in Sandton, then a must-visit spot is Maximillien Lounge at The Davinci Hotel and Suites. Said to be the only whiskey bar in the area that serves “the rarest, most coveted whiskies on earth in an exclusive and private setting”. This is where you rub shoulders with the South African elite and maybe their success will rub off on you.

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The party scene:

Kitchener's has been around since 1906, and at night it brings the sleepy pub into the 21st century with some of the biggest parties in Braamfontein. There's always something planned for each day of the week - from karaoke to comedy to live music - so be sure to check their social so you know how to plan your weekend.

The date spot:

Channel your inner Alladin or Jasmine and take your date to the clouds at Skye Bar. On the roof of Holiday Inn, you have a perfect view of the Joburg skyline for those after-work sundowners, and sprinkled with a starry sky you're all set for an evening of romance.

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The wildcard:

Sin + Tax Bar is voted as the Best Cocktail Bar in South Africa, according to the Bartending Accolades and Recognition (BAR) Awards, as well as home to the Bartender of the Year Julian Short aka The Flavourist. The menu changes according to the season and it's a bit of a journey to find this hidden gem in Rosebank, but hopefully you can lose Death on the way.

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