These small Italian towns will pay you to move there

2019-09-16 08:45
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Keen to make a move to a small, remote country town that breathes 'Italy'? Then this is for you. 

The stunning Italian region of Molise, east of the capital, Rome, is now offering a deal that seems almost too good to be true. The region wants people to move into one of 106 underpopulated villages like Riccia, San Giovanni and Duronia, in an effort to prevent their ageing communities from dying.

A sum of 700 euros (just over R11K) will be paid per month (for up to three years) to people willing to settle in one of these quaint village towns. Snow-capped mountains, olives, wine - what's not to love? 

Vintage car in a small alley in Southern Italy

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But moving in doesn't come completely for free. By committing to this offer you have to start a small business in the town that will ultimately uplift the community. A small little pizzeria in the town square will do... 

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Many small towns in Italy are turning into ghost towns as young people move to the cities in droves. Therefore, CNN reports that young couples with children are particularly encouraged to move in and plant some roots - both literally and figuratively. 

Many of these small towns have excellent soil and a great climate for wine and olive production, yet most towns only have around 700 or less inhabitants, most of whom are elderly people unable to grow the local economy. 

Molise is a small predominantly mountainous Italia

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Packed, yet? 

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