Rome considers barricading Trevi Fountain after tourist is caught bathing in it

2019-11-27 16:45 - Marisa Crous
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You can only truly understand the magic of the Trevi Fountain once you've seen it with your own eyes.

I have been to Rome twice. My visits were 10 years apart, and both times I longed to see the fountain that trumps all other fountains. I wanted my Italian, La Dolce Vita moment. Both times I ventured to the Trevi with eyes sparkling and joy in my heart.

Both times it was under construction. No water. Only scaffolding surrounding it. 

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Today, the piazza in which it sits is constantly overcrowded, filled with tourists and vendors trying to sell you little trinkets. And it sees its fare share of tourists behaving badly. CNN reports that this year one American tourist was caught 'bathing' in the fountain, while on another occasion some tourists were caught pouring their alcoholic drinks into it. How nice. 

Now, one politician plans to put a stop to this kind of inappropriate behaviour. Andrea Coia wants to erect a barrier that would protect the fountain by prohibiting people sitting on the edge of the fountain. He says that the fountain, like the Spanish Steps and many other cultural and historic monuments in the city of Rome, are symbolic monuments that warrant this kind of security.

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In Andrea's proposal to barricade around the fountain, he also suggests that checkpoints be put up close to the fountain, to deter illegal vendors, and to monitor visitor behaviour.

So who knows, maybe I will never see the Trevi Fountain as others have seen it: open and accessible. All I can hope for now is that at least next time it'll be filled with water. 

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