WATCH: Uncover the melting pot of golden culture in Indonesia's Rainbow Village

2018-09-19 20:00 - Saara Mowlana
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WATCH: Uncover the melting pot of golden culture in Indonesia's rainbow village. (Photo: iStock)

"By picking up a paintbrush, the people of the Indonesian village of Kampung Pelangi, in Semarang, Java, have transformed where they live from a slum to vibrant landmark.

Join Jo Raj from World Nomads as she travels to The Rainbow Village.

This vibrant landmark sits snug as a hidden gem in the bustling and rushing grey city of Semarang.

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You'd nearly miss it as the nondescript village is tucked away behind larger grey blocks and fast noisy vehicles zipping by.

But once you catch sight of it you'd feel as though you've stepped through a magical portal to another world.

The buildings and homes are painted in bold colours - much like our very own Bo Kaap, but on steroids - as one building or home is not necessarily restricted to one colour alone.

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It might take a second for your eyes to adjust when being greeted with that much colour - even the bridge to the village is decorated in multicoloured flags and recycled bottles. 

The village, originally a slum, was revived thanks to the Bunga market being revitalised. To avoid the village looking like a slum from the revived Bunga market, locals decided to take paint soaked brushes to their buildings and bring colour and life to the slum - making it a sight all its own.

The village, previously known as Wonosari became known by its more on-the-nose name, Rainbow Village. The transformation was so bold that the government of Semarang had appointed the village as a tourist destination in the city.  

The renovation had not just changed the aesthetic of the slum, but also the lives of its residents. Locals are pleased with the outcome as their previously marginalised community had become a tourist hub boosting business in the village as well as a sense of dignity among locals. 

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Learn all about this inspiring story on your next visit to Indonesia and get some brightly coloured snaps to share the story with even more people. Or snap away perhaps to simply fuel travel envy on your feed - which won't be hard with the epic art murals plastered on many of the brightly coloured homes and buildings.

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