PICS | Underwater selfies? Tourists are loving this Indonesian village's pond with crystal-clear water

2019-10-23 08:44
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You might have taken a selfie on a mountain, in the plane and on the beach - but have you added an underwater selfie to your repertoire?

While the underwater selfie isn't new, one Indonesian village dedicated an entire pond to the extreme self portrait, according to South China Morning Post. 

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The village of Ponggok in Central Java had a problem - poverty-stricken with high unemployment, the village head asked a group of students to come up with an idea to help uplift the community. The savvy group pinpointed the polluted pond - used for years for washing and bathing - as a potential source of income.

Locals invested into the project, and soon the dirty waters became a crystal-clear haven with stalls, restaurants and submerged props for underwater selfies.

You can sit on a scooter surrounded by fish, watch underwater TV and even do some cycling. If you don't come with a capable camera on-hand, you can even rent one for 60 000 rupiah (around R62 at 961IDR/R) for every half-an-hour to take your quirky photos.

They also have their own Instagram account where you can find some inspiration for poses. 

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And because of the swarms of tourists - domestic and foreign - to Umbul Ponggok, the community has almost eradicated unemployment through their investment in the pond and surrounding area, owning about 40% of the Tirta Mandiri business that manages it - the rest is owned by the village government.

This is a great example of a community-driven tourism that's helped a village drowning in unemployment build themselves up in a sustainable manner.

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