SA ranks high for LGBT honeymoon romance but forward thinking questionable, study suggests

2018-11-25 08:25 - Gabi Zietsman
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Travelling as part of the LGBT community can be hard - countries have varying societal acceptance and laws around people's sexuality - and when you want to spend your first trip as a married couple you don't want to add the stress of being in a country that isn't as welcoming of non-heterosexuals.

South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, and as a top tourist destination it's no wonder that The Latin America Travel Company ranked as the 19th best spot for LGBT honeymooners.

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To find these rainbow-loving countries, they first excluded countries where homosexuality isn't criminalised, and then focused on marriage equality, LGBT travel recognition, honeymoon popularity and romantic setting.

Out of five, SA got full marks for Marriage Equality and Romantic Setting, and four out five for LGBT Travel Friendliness and Love in the Air, but got a paltry two out five for Forward Thinking. SA is also the only African country to make the list.

The country that came out on top is the world's golden child Canada with its landscapes and a population that feels loved, tied with the natural beauty of New Zealand famous as the location for the Lord of the Rings film-franchise.

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Australia, Switzerland, Ireland and France came in third place. 

The country that ranked the lowest out of the 31 countries was Hungary, scoring only a one for Honeymoon Popularity.

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You can see the full rankings below:


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