WATCH: Take a 40-minute flight to feel fancy at Fancourt - George's iconic luxury golf estate

2019-09-07 06:45 - Marisa Crous
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The Garden Route's most luxurious golf estate has much more to offer than businessmen making deals on the green or elderly, rich men clad in polo shirts.  

From young families, to couples to groups of bros hoping to sink a few balls and buds over a weekend escape in George - there is space at Fancourt for everyone. And literally so, too. 

The flight to George is almost too short to read a chapter from my book, to enjoy a beverage or to take in a mid-morning nap. Hopping on a flight from Cape Town, I'm served my drink, given a dried fruit snack and just as I take my second sip of Chenin, we start our descent. Fluit-fluit my Airlink storie is uit. 

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Entering the gates of Fancourt feels similar to what I imagine entering the gates of heaven is like. A welcoming, wilderness feel that is wild but also wonderfully wicked. It is old-school, but still cool. It is fancy, but not superficial. 

Garden Route

(So green everywhere. PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

And there is food. Decadent and delicious. And more importantly, drinks. The glass of bubbly handed to me at check-in is crisp and chilled, the very sight of it sparks joy.

But the beauty of Fancourt. Sho. Pristine, green, floral, it is definitely no lean or mean operation. It is vast, both in grounds and offering - from leisure to accommodation type to dining options. Spoilt for choice. 

It is all gentle on the eyes, soul and body as you are able to breath, relax and rejuvenate your mind from the everyday disturbances that is city living.  

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Garden Route

(The golf cart is a key feature on the estate grounds. PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

Eat an exceptional buffet brekkie and Italian-style lunch at La Cantina, then fancy it up for the night and dine at the Manor House's Henry White restaurant. Smell the jasmine as you venture along the paths connecting the facilities and take in the exceptional detail of the Fancourt gardens.

The chefs even pick straight from the garden, be it organic kumquats or edible flowers. 

Garden Route

(The Manor House pool. PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 

Garden Route

(The old-school bar situated inside the Manor House. PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 

Even though I didn't touch a golf club the entire 48 hours I was at Fancourt, I felt its fancy wash over me like a gentle summer breeze. Treat yo' self and go feed your own fancy at Fancourt - it's just half a glass of wine away. 

Quick George itinerary: 

Head out of the Fancourt gates and into town. A quick drive from George onto Wilderness for views - i.e. the Map of Africa viewpoint the Dolphin's Peak Point in Wilderness. 

Then back to George for a coffee tasting at Deacon's Bistro and Pause Coffee. Try the pour-over paired with nougat - it is the way coffee should be consumed. This style of brewing involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavours. 

Garden Route

(Called a 'pour-over', drinking this will make you feel like a fancy coffee connoisseur. PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

Go strawberry picking at Redberry Farm. A small container is just R25 and picking them yourself is more rewarding than you might think. Fun fact, a strawberry is called that because it used to be grown alongside straw mulch that protects the berries from pests and helps it retain moisture. 

Garden Route

(Strawberry picking at Redberry Farm in George. PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 

Garden Route

(Stunning views at Dolphin Point Lookout. PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

Garden Route

(The Map of Africa viewpoint. PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

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