Outdoor adventure: Mossel Bay aims to erect new zip line

2017-11-30 06:30 - Kavitha Pillay
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Cape Town - South Africa's abundant landscape makes spectacular backdrops for a range of outdoor and extreme adventure activities. 

Zip lining canopy tours at Karkloof forest in KwaZulu-Natal's Midlands region and the Western Cape's mountains in Elgin Valley are just two prime examples of how Mzansi's natural environment has been used to create an outdoor adventure experience like no other.

These canopy tours not only give users an adrenaline rush but also immerses them in a completely natural environment - transporting them into places they would otherwise not be able to visit - and providing a cathartic experience in the process.

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While many zip lining rides are available across the country, Mossel Bay is hoping to become home to the next extreme zip line offering.

"Following a council decision the zip line concept recently went out on tender and we are awaiting applications," Rowena Hendricks, Marketing and Communications Officer at Mossel Bay Municipality, told Traveller24.

While it is not yet certain who will erect the zip line and when we can start making the most of it, this zip line will have daring users slide over the ocean from the cliffs above the lighthouse to the aquarium.

"The zipline will have to be erected from the top rocks at St Blaize to the deck of the aquarium. This also includes the establishment of a pop-up type of shop/ restaurant on the aquarium roof, as well as the upgrading and maintenance of the aquarium by the successful bidder," Hendricks told Traveller24, adding that the zip line will not be erected by the Municipality.

According to Mossel Bay Advertiser, the zip line was approved in early 2017. "The zip-line will consist of two 20mm cables of approximately 850 meters which will be anchored about three metres above the existing deck and on the rock face," says the site.

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"According to the recommendation approved by council the current aquarium will have to be maintained and upgraded by the proposed developer," says Mossel Bay Advertiser, adding that a ticket office, shop and storage space for zip line gear will need to be built on the site of the aquarium.

There are also plans for a view deck to be developed for spectators, with the hope of turning it into a tourist hub at the Point, says the site, adding that "the infrastructure development will be for the account of the successful bidder".

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