PICS: Brand new glass-bottom walkway in China CRACKS

2015-10-07 14:39 - Louzel Lombard
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Cape Town - Seventeen days after a brand new, U-shaped, glass-floored walkway opened in the Yuntai Mountain in Henan, central China, the thrilling tourist attraction has had to be closed for repairs, after one of the glass panels on the suspended walkway cracked!

A group of Chinese tourists were left screaming in terror on Monday, 5 October, on the one kilometre-high transparent bridge. 

A tourist, Lee Dong Hai, who was on the bridge when the panel shattered, posted to Chinese social media site Weibo, stating that she could feel the bridge shake under her feet. 

"I looked down and saw the glass floor beneath me shatter," she wrote. "[I have] no idea why it happened, at that moment everybody was screaming."

The walkway is currently closed for repair work. 

Here's hoping the other glass walkway which recently opening in China - the 'Brave Men's Bridge' spanning over a canyon in the Shiniuzhai National Forest Park in southern China - lasts longer than the one in Henan. 

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