What trail running really looks like in the Western Cape

2019-05-28 15:00
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Make the rugged mountain your own personal outdoor gym! From mountainous landscapes to rocky outcrops as old as the planet itself, the Western Cape is poised to become the next mecca of trail running.

Connected by Trail, a short film featuring five top runners, namely Ryan Sandes, Meg Mackenzie, Nic Rupanga and Stu McConnachie, was recently made in collaboration with Wesgro.

These inspiring runners are shown exploring the trails of the Western Cape. And there are so many!

However, not only does the film spotlight these athletes' skills, it shows that trail running can also be for the average Joe and Jane. So basically, don't be intimidated. The running community in Cape Town is booming with countless opportunities for amateur trail runners emerging. 

This is an inclusive bunch, who truly wants to see the sport opened up: all levels welcome, all terrains.

"Trail running doesn't necessarily mean technical," says runner Meg Mackenzie. You can find so many trails in the Western Cape that are doable for all fitness levels and skill sets. From rugged terrain to easier, smooth hiking paths. 

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Here is the short film: 

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Enjoy the mountains safely by joining one of these trail running groups: 

Some groups are female-only, day specific or even out in the Cape winelands. Join them now and give trail running a go, no matter your level, there is a group for you out there. 

Just look how much fun you could be having...

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