Waterfront's new Battery Park a city-to-sea connector for family fun

2018-11-15 15:00 -
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Canal in a city with skyscrapers in the background

The Waterfront is often toted as one of Africa's most visited tourist attractions, and with good reason. 

At peak season, there is no denying things can get slightly busy and bustling - which makes the revamping and extension of its districts to include the Silo and Canal districts, along with the revamped Battery Park, welcomed editions. 

PICS: The Waterfront's new Canal District aims to reconnect the city and the sea

The new Canal District

In case you haven't heard, the Canal District is the V&A Waterfront's newest addition precinct, designed to accommodate the city's growing pedestrian traffic and as a multi-use space that is the first point of contact for those visiting the Waterfront area. 

It includes Battery Park, which is home to well-constructed Basketball courts and a Skate park. There are also beautiful lawns, ideal for a picnic depending on how active or chilled you'd like your day to be - and with summer coming up, undoubtedly an ideal event activation space for the popular Cape Town spot.

The aim of Battery Park, a big part of the district and totalling an investment of R300 million, is to "re-establish the connection between the city and the sea," according to V&A Waterfront CEO David Green.

The park will also retain some of the city's heritage in its architecture.

It was once a strategic vantage point for the Amsterdam Battery, constructed in 1784 and partially dismantled to make way for the construction of the harbour we know today, back in 1905. You'll still be able to see parts of its old wall that was excavated and two ancient cannons that were in storage up at Signal Hill.

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