WATCH: Quick guide to the street galleries of Cape Town

2018-08-22 12:12 - Gabi Zietsman and Ethan van Diemen
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Wandering the streets of some of your favourite South African cities, it's always a rather pleasant surprise when you bump into artworks happily hosted by street walls, buildings and even parking lots.

Street art has been questioned by some regarding its intent, but with the more rebellious graffiti, it aims to connect its audience and increase their understanding of the artist's subject.

Rather than an act of vandalism, many see this as a form of visual poetry engaging with the people of the city. 

In South African cities, Cape Town in particular, communities are inspired and moved by the street art, which has become an attraction to visitors who want to explore the winding streets they are found in.

The suburbs of Woodstock and Salt River have an especially high density of street art, bringing visitors into areas off the beaten tourist routes of Cape Town.

Please note: While generally safe during the day, please be aware of your surroundings and always walk in groups.

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In this ever-changing neighbourhood, where heritage and hipster-culture mingle to create a rich urban experience, buildings are canvases for renowned street artists such as Faith47, Jack Fox, Freddy Sam and Conform making it one of the most popular street art galleries in town.

Below is a map to help you get around and see some of the coolest pieces in Woodstock: 

 (Photo: Gabi Zietsman)

 (Photo: Ethan Van Diemen)

 (Photo: Ethan Van Diemen)

Salt River 

Once a booming part of Cape Town because of its close proximity to the CBD, Salt River was the industrial heart of Cape Town.

Up until the late 80's, it was home to textile and clothing manufacturing. However, the opening of markets after years of isolation saw many of these industries seeing declining fortunes and shuttered factories. 

Today, however, the area is undergoing something of a revival not dissimilar to that being experienced by Woodstock with young artists and creatives flooding into the area seeking affordable accommodation close to the CBD. 

The art that is popping up in this area is evidence of that ongoing process. 

Below is a map to help you get around and see some of the coolest pieces in Salt River:

 (Photo: Ethan Van Diemen)

 (Photo: Ethan Van Diemen)

 (Photo: Ethan Van Diemen)

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