WATCH: Cape Town's cheeky new campaign is a fist-pump to having effectively dealt with its recent water crisis

2018-11-20 06:30 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town and the Western Cape have diverse offeri

When you have what seems like a 1001 partners involved in a campaign, messaging can get hairy, especially when it comes to tourism destination marketing. When that message aims to overcome negative perceptions around a drought crisis, then you have a serious job on your hands.

Especially when the Western Cape's international tourism arrivals took a dip through 2018, when compared to 2017. As a result, Wesgro together with key industry stakeholders decided it needed something more than a silver bullet to remind travellers about Cape Town's diverse and compelling, not to mention good-value for money tourism offering.  

The #NowhereBetter campaign launched for Cape Town & the Western Cape on Monday, 19 November as part of its recovery plan to the recent drought, is a collaborative industry initiative, says Wesgro.

It is driven by Wesgro, together with the Western Cape Government, City of Cape Town, South African Tourism (SAT), Cape Town Tourism,  Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), FEDHASA, South African  Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI), AirBnB, the President Hotel, the  Tourism Business Council of South Africa, Marriott International and the V&A  Waterfront. 

As we said, there are a lot of stakeholders - but what they all agree on is that this is aimed at stoking long-haul appeal of South Africa and the need to adopt a simple, white labelled message that Cape Town is a waterwise destination, open for business and with much to offer.

The cheeky campaign uses phrases including “Where the French come to fall in love” and “The English come to drink tea,” enticing travellers to come visit Cape Town and the Western Cape to  experience activities synonymous with other countries because - "We just do it better". 


Showcasing the breadth and depth of various activities within the Western Cape and the proximity these are to one another the globally focused Judy Lain, Wesgro’s Chief Marketing Officer for Tourism says, “The purpose of  this campaign is to re-ignite people’s passion in the destination. We need to go back to basics and remind people why we are great and why they need to come and visit us!”

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