This new Cape Town CBD restaurant has no tipping, no waiters and no kitchen walls

2019-12-19 18:45 - Marisa Crous
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Cape Town’s Church Square is undergoing a bit of a transformation, with the emergence of the 5-star Labotessa Hotel, FYN restaurant and now, Pilcrow & Cleaver. 

Class all the way, baby. 

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Situated in Parliament Street in the heart of the Mother City, this restaurant is not your average Jane. 

It's a space that evokes warmth with its autumn tones, wood finishes and open-plan kitchen space. Watch the chef at the helm, Judi Fourie, as she lovingly prepares your meal. She’ll also serve you it directly from the pass, as here, there are no waiters and subsequently, no tipping. 

chef, restaurant

(Chef Judi Fourie)

chef, restaurant

chef, restaurant

Pilcrow (¶) marks the start of a new paragraph, and a cleaver transforms food into something different. The restaurant really rings true to its name, as does the chef who has a tattoo of the symbol, as it’s a place to go back to every week. Every week the menu is fresh, a new paragraph starts every week.  

“My travels have inspired me to find new dishes, experience unique flavours and taste different food to bring it all together and share it with you from my kitchen at Pilcrow & Cleaver, right here, in the vibrant heart of Cape Town,” says Chef Judi.

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Euro-fusion flavours fill the air from early morning till late at night, as Pilcrow and Cleaver is open all day. All meals. And it is for all occasions.

Expect beautifully conceptualised desserts like 'Milk jam and soft chocolate chip cookies', small plates like 'Lamb crackling and fine herbs salad' and mains of ‘Malay mussels and naan’ – all visually stunning and taste bud satisfying. 

chef, restaurant

(Milk jam and soft chocolate chip cookies) 

chef, restaurant

(Lamb crackling and fine herbs salad) 

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Flexing mussels all day long.

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The bar, separated from the main eatery, features stunning booths ideal for romantic drinks with a new or old love interest. 

chef, restaurant

(All photos: Digital Shelf)

It's a new concept, dying to re-conceptualise the way we experience restaurants. 

Pilcrow & Cleaver is situated at 3.2 Piazza Parliament Street, Cape Town. 

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