The rhinos are coming to Cape Town - and they are all wearing masks!

2020-03-20 11:45 - Marisa Crous
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The Rhinos Are Coming!!! is an initiative raising funds to help protect endangered rhinos through art. But things are different this year, as some of these colourful rhino statues will be wearing masks. 

A variety of sponsors have orchestrated collaborations to help bring an end to the cruel killings that are decimating South Africa's rhino population. Funds donated provide artists with life-size white rhino statues to use as a canvas for their masterpiece.

The artists are donating their time and skills to bring the blank white rhino sculptures to life, using colour, design, and imagination.

The V&A Waterfront gives their valuable commercial property as a space of the exhibition - so go check it out! It is outdoors and will be a nice break! The profits will go to NGO organisations personnel who track down poachers.

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