How naked can you go on Cape Town beaches?

2019-10-15 11:45 - Marisa Crous
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The party island of Boracay in the idyllic Philippines is known for all-night parties and all-day beaching. Recently, a Taiwanese tourist who showed up on the beach wearing a 'string bikini' was arrested and fined around R710 ($48) for refusing to cover up. CNN reports that the tourist said it was a form of art and a way for her to express herself.

However, fellow beachgoers complained, and she was escorted off the beach by one of the hotel's management staff.

But could this happen in Cape Town? 

Two months ago it came to light that the City of Cape Town wants to introduce bylaws that would fine those who curse on certain beaches.

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Now, regulating this type of 'misconduct' sounds ridiculously hard already. So just imagine regulating what is 'acceptable' and what is considered 'inappropriate' swimwear. In 2019, nonetheless?!

Most Cape Town beaches have signage up, stating the rules of the specific beach: usually it doesn't allow braaing, says you are required to wear swimwear (a picture of a bikini displayed), and tells you whether you are allowed to consume alcohol on the beach (never allowed, yet people often do) and whether your furry playmates are allowed to frolic in the sand along with you.  

But for many, due to the gross lack of security on beaches (remember the slaughter of the sheep earlier this year on Clifton?), people tend to bend many of these rules. Clifton sun-downers, hello?!

And even though many public beaches aren't considered 'nude beaches', over the years Cape Town beaches have gone more French, for sure. In the past, Clifton has been rated by as one of the world's best topless beaches. Then who are we to argue?

Locals are more relaxed, and you won't ever see people complaining about a sunbather losing her bikini top - this, of course is all all beach dependent, and situation dependent. (But this is regular practice at Bakoven Beach).

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So what about a floss bikini-wearer on Bakoven beach? Will she be shunned? Chased into the mountains by an angry mob of hipsters? Similar to a g-string bottom, or even a skimpy Speedo, for many it might be tml (too much information) as it is your right to enjoy your ice cream without a side of NAKED BODY!

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Whether near bottomless beachwear will go down well with Cape Town's beachgoers, we can't quite tell. To be honest, I'm sure they'd be too chilled to complain and get someone fined.

So keep this in mind when visiting Cape Town's beaches, go with an open mind, or even better, go to Sandy Bay in your full birthday suit. 

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