WATCH: Pack of wild dogs take down 5 calves in buffalo buffet frenzy

2018-10-10 10:27 - Saara Mowlana
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Brace yourself... someone let the wild dogs out and they went barking mad for a buffalo buffet...

This big pack of wild dogs let loose and took down five buffalo calves in a major feeding frenzy.

The spectacle was spotted by 45-year-old Mandy Taplin in Moremi, Botswana and the graphic footage and tale was shared on Latest Sightings website. 

Wild dogs are known to be one of the animal kingdom's most fierce and triumphant hunters - boasting a nearly 80% success rate - and this video is testament to that statement. 

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During a morning game drive through the plains, after spotting some wildebeest, zebra, impala, giraffes, jackals and even two male lions, their vehicle had come across a herd of buffaloes playing with their calves in the distance.

Shortly after, they spotted the large sum pack of wild dogs lurking in the nearby grass. The battle had already begun with two calves already down and out for the count.

The spectators stood by as the war got deeper, bloodier and louder - a sight not for the faint of heart. The feat was, as Taplin described it, "an absolute adrenaline rush" and watching it back, we can't argue with that. 

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The back and forth of sheer might, fright and brute strength made for an emotional rollercoaster of an experience. The battle had proved that there seemed to be more might in bark over bite.

This was seen as the larger buffalo cows were continuously chased away by their smaller victors each time they had attempted to save one of their wounded.

A fair warning to the wise: the sound of both the maniacal hiccup-like sounds of the victorious wild dogs and the wounded cries of the buffalo calves might be just a little bit more overwhelming than you're bargaining for.

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