Your 1-day Gaborone city itinerary to add to your Botswana trip

2019-09-06 18:45 - Marisa Crous
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Botswana's capital, Gaborone is an economic hub, home to government and over 10% of the population. And really, it shouldn't be left off your overland plan. 

Many float on through here on their way to Gaborone Game Reserve, or forget to stop and take in the city as they choose to head straight for Mokolodi Nature Reserve on the city's southwest.

Stay a night or two - Gaborone has some very attractive-looking Airbnbs at very affordable prices - and allow yourself to experience more than just the obvious. Also, don't be shocked it you bump into a few heavy metal Batswana. The African metal scene is big here. 

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Kgale Hill

Get active in the city and take the footpaths that lead you up to 360 views. Nicknamed 'The Sleeping Giant', the hill reaches a summit elevation of 1287m above sea level. 

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National Museum and Art Gallery

In the centre of the city you'll find this slightly run-down but worth visiting museum, displaying art and cultural artifacts. Good for catching a local artist exhibition. Art lovers can also visit the more low-key Thapong Visual Arts Center for some local art talent. 

Three Dikgosi 

Find the Three Dikgosi in Botswana Square. The bronze statues celebrate the influential trip to Britain that, ultimately led to Botswana's independence.  

Botswana Craft

Eat the Botswana national dish, Seswaa, a meaty dish served with thick maize porridge or rice in Gaborone before tasting another version of it at the safari resort. And go all out and try the goat one. Botswana Craft is the largest handcraft center in the city and boasts rave reviews for its courtyard restaurant dining options.  

National Assembly Building

If you love pink buildings and art-deco influenced architecture, then a visit to Parliament is a must. 

Aerial view of rapidly sprawling Gaborone city spr

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