WATCH: How to go mountain biking on the West Coast

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Want to put the pedal to the meddle but need some inspiration to dust off the bike you bought gathering dust in the garage?

Mountain biking is a great adventure for those who find road cycling a bit on the mild side, and luckily for South Africans, our country has enough trails across the provinces for everyone's skill level.

West Coast' Viswater Mountain Bike Route is good introduction for those starting out with its wide dirt roads, but also has cliff paths that are thrilling enough for those looking for more thrill. You can start the route in Strandfontein in the direction of Doring Bay, or you can do vice versa but you'll have more of an uphill struggle.

Also be sure to check the weather - mild weather is the best for cycling anywhere as scorching heat, rain and gusty winds can put a damper on any bike adventure.

The best part of finishing a mountain bike route? Finding a cold beer waiting for you at the end of the day.

*Disclaimer: Traveller24's Gabi Zietsman was hosted by Wesgro on a West Coast Way road trip in Strandfontein and Doring Bay.