WATCH: Hike through the Alps with this new 6-day trail coming in 2019 perfect for beginners

2018-10-21 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Hiking used to be considered a little dull. But times have changed.

Now, ever more people are interested in exploring the great outdoors.

There are even mountain treks for total beginners.

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So if you find your feet itching for a hike on the European side of the globe, here are some spots you will trek through on this new up and coming scenic six-day Alps walking trail:

Zugspitze - Germany

Dubbed Germany's highest mountain and peak, its nearly 3 000-metre summit offers hikers spectacular panoramic vistas of more than 400 mountains in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The Zugspitze's base offers a great starting point to meander through the Alps.

Ehrwald - Austria

This mountain range sits near a town - allowing you to get any suitable items needed for the journey that you might have forgotten - like a suitable jacket for unpredictable weather shifts. Ideally your first layer of clothes ought to be breathable - a good option would be items made from merino wool or a synthetic fabric that dries very fast.

You'll also want to invest in a pair of good hiking boots that are ankle high, waterproof and with a good tread. 

This municipality also offers a good resting point before embarking on day two of this trail.

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Gaistal Valley - Austria

After hitching a cable car ride up to a staggering altitude of 1 500 metres, day two will see you trekking through this scenic and slightly more challenging valley for a stretch of around 15.5 kilometres long - or about 4.5 hours. Those who don't feel up to task, do have the option to trek through the valley via car instead.

You needn't carry heavy bags on this leg of the trail either, all you really need is a light backpack, packed with the following:

  • Fully charged cellphone with emergency numbers saved 
  • Hiking map with the route highlighted
  • Drinking water
  • High energy snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Warm clothing (a light jacket and longer trousers)

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Should you feel the ache in your calves or heels, there are enough Alpine cafes and stores dotted along the route for you to make a quick pit stop every two hours for a little rest and recovery before continuing onward. You can indulge in some tasty treats and some fresh coffee to re-energise.

As you trek the trail you're also likely to be captivated by incredible views of other mountain ranges - like the breathtaking Dolomites in Italy.

San Genesio - Italy

The final leg of this trail takes you to the quiet and picturesque town of San Genesio in Italy - where you can see the historic Parish church, dating back to the 15th century, set against a backdrop of rugged mountain views.

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Bolzano - Italy

Many end their trail by visiting the Italian city of Bolzano for their own sightseeing and tourist leisure.

This new 76-kilometre long Alps trail route will be available for the public by around June 2019 - which is the summer season for the region.

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