WATCH: Bouldering fun for all ages in the Cederberg

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Flitting through the rocks like a lizard, bouldering is a great past-time for those who want to explore the outdoors from different heights.

The best part is that it doesn't need any ropes or harnesses - just some climbing shoes and a crash pad mat to save you from your fall.

The craggy crevices of Cederberg is host to the most world-famous Rocklands - THE place to get the best bouldering experience in the world. It has a tight-knit climbing community with lots of marked trails, but a lot of care is put in by the community and CapeNature to ensure that everyone climbs in a sustainable manner.

The Rocklands Development Association (RAD) aims to include the local community and their children in the climbing culture and nurture talent from a young age by helping out with gear and getting the kids involved in competitions. 

They also built a climbing wall at the local primary school and also focus on developing cultural tourism with the Cederberg communities.

Bouldering is not only fun, but can also open doors to a world where you can conquer your fears.

*Disclaimer: Traveller24's Gabi Zietsman was hosted by Wesgro.