This Polish pool with underwater hotel room views will be the deepest in the world

2019-04-11 10:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Hotels with a stunning view are claimed by many a resort, but what about a view inside a pool?

And not just any pool. The deepest pool in the world, reaching depths of 45 metres that can be dived by only the pros.

This is Deepspot, an indoor pool that will be opening in Mszczonow, Poland, later this year, knocking off the current record holder Y-40 Deep Joy in Italy, reports CNN Travel. It will hold 27 times more water than your average 25-metre pool.

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The pool is designed as a training centre for the most dedicated of professional divers and brave beginners, but its appeal will extend beyond this niche market. 

Part of the design will also include an underwater tunnel where visitors can watch the divers take on the plunge, and hotel, conference and training rooms will look out into the pool.

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However, another pool might make its moment of glory short-lived. Another deep-depth pool is being constructed in the UK set to open in 2020 - the Blue Abyss - set to reach depths of up to 50 metres. This one however will focus more on niche training, including for commercial astronauts, and a performance centre. 

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If you're looking to test the absolute limits of your capabilities, perhaps a trip to any of these insane pools should dive their way into your bucket list.

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