PICS: Virgin heading into the cruise business with women at the helm of the Scarlet Lady

2018-07-23 10:43 - Saara Mowlana
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The Scarlet Lady preps to set sail in 2020 as part of Branson's Virgin Voyage cruise line. (Photo: Virgin Voyages / Twitter)

Richard Branson and his Virgin team have revealed the name of their first cruise ship for Virgin Voyages - the Scarlet Lady - set to take sail in 2020. 

According to Virgin Voyages, Scarlet is not just a woman of beauty but of power too.

"Scarlet is the embodiment of everything this ship represents. As our figurehead, she takes on a role historically dedicated to goddesses, important women in society, and even mermaid figures," says their announcement

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They added that Scarlet is the leader not only of their first voyage, but also forms part of their efforts to encourage front-facing female leaders throughout their company with their Virgin Voyages Scarlet Squad Programme.

The programme looks to empower female workers on the cruise line. 

"From engineers to builders, marine tech to crew captains and technical positions, this programme is meant to help female leaders break through the glass ocean if you will; it's meant to create more leadership positions for women on the operations side of the sea travel industry," their statement explained.

This multi-pronged approach, which is supported by skill development, recruitment and mentoring, is something that their team finds incredibly important in areas traditionally lacking female leadership - like the industry of marine, technical and hotel management.

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And, according to the Telegraph, the name is not all that Branson and CEO Tim McAlpin has revealed about the upcoming cruise line. 

One of the key things to note about Virgin Voyages is that there will be a ban on single-use plastic on board - including straws, water bottles and sauce packets.

The Telegraph reported that Mr McAlpin said, "We believe that in order to fulfill our purpose of creating an 'Epic Sea Change for All' we must make a commitment that is bigger than just eliminating straws."

McAlpin added that they have to make a commitment to building ships and experiences that do everything possible to look after the well-being of our precious oceans.

Branson and McAlpin also released the rendered images of nine new public spaces expected to exist on the ships as well as the plan for its well-being programme - 'Vitamin Sea'. 

The Vitamin Sea programme is described as being inspired by the oceans and their significance in health and well-being for the planet and the everyday lives of people. 

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The cruise ships will also be reserved for adults only and passengers under 18 years of age will not be allowed onboard. 

Check out the Scarlet Lady from all angles below: